I had Humble Beginnings

Starting my career at the young age of 13, I was selected as a babysitter by my 8th-grade teacher, setting the stage for a lifetime of trusted positions and roles across different sectors. My path has taken me through the bustling environments of restaurants and catering services, into the heart of healthcare dining services, and onto the dynamic cruise line industry. In each role, I've not only met but exceeded expectations, bringing dedication and a keen eye for improvement.

My passion for education and empowerment has been a constant, leading me through various teaching positions from preschool to high school and even into higher education. As an instructor, teacher, and administrator, I've had the privilege of shaping minds and futures, something I consider my most cherished contribution.

In the realm of sales and customer service, I've excelled in roles that required both finesse and a results-driven approach. Whether it was enhancing sales strategies for renowned companies or providing top-tier customer experiences, my adaptability and drive have always set me apart.

The logistics and government sectors have benefitted from my analytical skills and ability to manage complex relationships, showcasing my versatility and capacity to handle multifaceted challenges.

Academics & Self-Initiatives

My academic journey mirrors my professional path—diverse and robust. With degrees spanning food service, marketing, organizational services, legal assistance, and education, I've built a foundation that supports my multifarious career. My self-taught legal knowledge and self-representation in court underscore my autodidactic nature and determination.

I've ventured into entrepreneurship, creating and managing businesses that reflect my passion for education and community service. My work in developing a multicultural education curriculum and designing youth and adult classes in a Christian Education School highlights my commitment to inclusive and impactful education.

My Philosophy

At the heart of my career is a belief in the power of education, the importance of service, and the value of adaptability. I've embraced every opportunity to learn, teach, and contribute, believing that true success comes from the impact we have on others and the world around us.

Connect With Me

I am always looking to connect with the like-minded that value dedication, innovation, and transformative education.