Majesty Essentials (ME) provides assistance and empowerment for those facing homelessness. 

Founded by my friend Darla -families will benefit from my commitment to helping those in need. 


 ME has a unique product line created to inspire others to live Reflecting Light in dark places. Our products will bring positivity and optimism to others.             

How can a home journey become an enemy? This is one I hope no other will ever have to travel. The goal is to actualize the fundamental human right of having a home for everyone.

As a divorced mother I am a victim of real estate fraud, and my family was made homeless. 

And for too long we have dealt with discriminatory practices, unwarranted abuse from lessors and landlords, and uninhabitable housing. The largest landlords can too often make frivolous complaints and legal cases without evidence to back them up, yet they prevail leaving derogatory marks on our record and making us homeless at no fault of our own.

We never faced our accusers or allowed to stand before the judge that allowed the frivolous complaints to process through the court against us but, with-out us. We did not have one lease violation but was terrorized and sustained injuries that has devastated our lives. After challenging the frivolous complaints, along with seeking attorneys and filing timely motions and objections to stop it, we were evicted and set out with no due process of law. 

I didn't take this lightly, I was just trying to find a home. As I continued to seek housing, we experienced more violations of our civil and constitutional rights in the worst-case scenarios.                                                                      

Adding weight to the already weak layers, my happy birthday news was a cancer diagnosis and a need to rush to surgery and to chemotherapy, which I then denied when I discovered I was a victim of medical malpractice.                           I was sure this was my death warrant?

Without any means to address the medical errors and with a home to maintain, I cultivated the skill of concealing my struggles from my family and friends. These encounters had left me feeling utterly powerless and exposed. Waking up each day with a positive outlook was an immense challenge and as a mother responsible for juggling everything, I found myself lost and broken. The weight of my experiences became too much to handle, and I eventually reached my lowest point. It rendered me incapable of working, and for years, I fought and clung to the hope of finding A Place Called Home.

Through the physical and mental anguish, ME's messages of encouragement and support is offering a lifeline for those in the depths of darkness, helping them to find the strength to keep going!    

 Have you or someone you know been evicted at no fault of your own?

                                          We can help! 

With our support, those in need are given the opportunity to stand with dignity and feel a renewed sense of hope. 

The When I Was Illegally Evicted Package offers a relevant and timely solution for someone experiencing the displacement of eviction. Its contents is designed to provide an outfit of essential items during times of displacement and disarray-             Its functional basics that can help provide some sense of normalcy during this difficult time.  

                                        Send me information for the family in need of a personal outfits!            
       Just because...Our MAJESTY calls us to many different spaces and places~ we are unreserved in going!       Live ~ Forgive ~ Give  
   ***One (1) outfit per family member.   
Each package comes with a top, a bottom, undergarments, feet covering.             
 Must include name, email, phone number, address, verifiable nature of your request and size in:                                                                                           We Are Here For You Form