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Spectacles On Fashion Flashing Wire Luminous Glasses

Spectacles On Fashion Flashing Wire Luminous Glasses

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Product Name: luminous glasses

 Switch form: push button switch

 Product voltage: DC3V, using two 1.5V batteries

 Product material: plastic 

Product packaging: PE bag

 Product color: red, blue, orange, emerald, pink, purple, orange, fluorescent green, white light, ice blue 

Advantages: Whole body illumination, no glare, no UV, radiation.  

 Standard Use 2*AA5 battery, push button switch control, function: always on - slow flash - flash - off function. (Without battery)

 ◆ Note: Do not press, not waterproof. Easy to carry, light and colorful, very stylish, very attractive to young people, it makes our life more interesting, can be widely used in disco dance halls, bars, entertainment venues and holiday celebrations to increase the festive atmosphere...

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